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IZUK - See Your Eyes EP

MakeYourEra Records Releases "See Your Eyes EP" by IZUK

MakeYourEra's record label delivers the freshest sounds from talented music producers. Our latest release See Your Eyes EP by music producer IZUK. A euphoric flavour of drum and bass music to add to our fast growing playlist catalogue.

See Your Eyes EP by Spotify Verified Artist, IZUK, contains three huge tracks.

  1. See Your Eyes

  2. Fly Away

  3. Everyday

avatar feminine artwork for dub producer IZUK See your eyes EP release on make your era record label
IZUK's creative artwork for See Your Eyes EP

MYE Release 006 from IZUK is a creative masterpiece! Each track on See Your Eyes EP hosts this euphoric element that drum and bass ravers are going to be adding to their playlist.

This soothing, yet hard hitting sound from IZUK will have your body moving to the beat, unreal DNB production. Collaborating different elements from different drum and bass sub-genres like jungle music, dance music and liquid dub, IZUK has gifted us with more original music! This release is available on all major streaming platforms from 18th August 2023.

Find Links Below For Where You Can Listen To These Brand New Records:

IZUK DNB music producer United Kingdom
IZUK's Press Shot

IZUK is a drum and bass producer from the UK. He is also known for his bootlegs and free downloads of huge tunes like Chase & Status Time and Ed Sheeran Shape of You Bootleg, available on his Soundcloud. The dance music community, especially in the drum and bass family, know they have found a very special producer who has already shown his incredible capabilities.

Making appearances across the UK club night scene, on various lineups, keep an eye on this one! IZUK has been also released music with record labels such as SB Audio and Hooked Sounds!

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Another creative music release for Vibe Chemistry's new record label, MakeYourEra. Keep your eyes peeled for our next releases. Currently, new music comes out on Friday's every fortnight!

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We also asked IZUK for 3 fun facts about himself, and here is what he said:

  1. "I was born in Thailand and lived in Portugal in a Yurt on a farm between 2007-2011"

  2. "I used to hate drum & bass when I was a young teenager but that switched up in college when I fell in love with it"

  3. "I have been skateboarding for over a decade now!"

make your era records logo
Make Your Era Records

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